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The Bahamas Striping Group of Companies wanted to create a real impact for a better tomorrow. 

In September 2011, The Dollar That Could Project Foundation, the company’s philanthropic arm was established. The foundation’s main purpose is to partner with charities around the country whose initiatives and programs respond in a meaningful way to community needs.

The Foundation has also donated thousands of school bags and supplies to Rotary Bahamas, pallets of water and non perishable items after several hurricanes, thousands of toys, turkeys and ham during the Christmas holidays.


The Foundation thrives on philanthropy being apart of the building blocks for a better Bahamas.

Since the inception, the company has donated over one hundred thousand dollars to various charities such as:


•The Bahamas Red Cross

•The Salvation Army


•The Bahamas Humane Society

•Special Olympics Bahamas 

•The Grand Bahama Children’s Home

•The Grand Bahama Humane Society

•Rotary Grand Bahama

•The Pilot Club of Grand Bahama 

•The Charles Maynard Foundation

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